KIN A decentralized system of digital services for everyday life


KIN The decentralized project of the social networking giant KIK, which has already announced the launch of its own digital currency, is the first point to launch a decentralized system of digital services. The aim is to bring a group of participants together to create an open system of digital communications and commerce Giving priority to the consumer experience, which is simply why the project created

Digital services, such as chat applications and social networks, are gathering new communications, information and commerce in new and unprecedented ways for future generations. This will be the natural and fundamental aspect of their daily lives

At the same time, a decreasing number of companies is controlling an increasing number of these services. If left unchecked, some private companies are poised to exercise absolute authority over the digital services used by everyone, effectively eliminating consumer choice on a global scale

What is the KIN project?

Kin has created the Kin Ecosystem, one of the first alternative ecosystems for digital services. The project system is planning to create new long-term models that will provide developers and service providers with the opportunity to innovate and create durable products for their users

KIN, the symbol of the project’s platform, was its first bid for the currency on September 12, 2017. The symbolic sale ended on September 26, 2017, raising $ 98 million from 10,026 individuals in 117 countries. It has implemented on Euclide block in as ERC20 symbol

Kik has decided that it will carry out semi-series and semi-concentric semiconductor coefficients for the creation of expandable interactions, which will recorded on the etherium

The Kik finance token will be used for enterprise publishing, the enterprise will be able to use some of the icons to manage symbolic display and Kin Kinwards, marketing, and operational costs. It will also used as the basic transaction currency of the basic KIK system

March 2018: Project transactions announced on Etherium of Stellar and company announced a partnership with Unity to create a Kin Gaming SDK for the next generation of game developers

April 2018: Blackhawk Network joined the project platform to provide gift cards to users in the ecosystem via an integrated API

May 2018: Bloc launched

June 2018: IMVU participated with the project, which allowed users to do more in and around IMVU ecosystem. KIK also integrated with KIN

July 2018: Kinit was released on Google Play Store this is an app that allows users to set up their wallet, answer some survey questions, and reward. This app allowed users to access the Kin Marketplace Beta where they could spend that token on other brands and retailers, Kin Developer also launched

August 2018: Swelly and true collaboration with the company To provide a more interactive experience for users with the Kinit Beta application, the Kinit application is also available in the IOS application store

October 2018: Kin Developer tested all their projects. promoted voter registration in Kinit

November 2018: Kik announced that it has chosen Stellar to act as a buxine to build the ecosystem.


Kin it is currently available and available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store for iOS. Users can download and create a portfolio, allowing them to access complete surveys against the KIN token and spend those codes to receive gift cards for major retailers



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