NELUNS the New Generation of the Financial Economic System launches its first ICO offer

The Neluns project is a financial economic system that integrates a bank that can work with currency and encrypted currency alike, as well as a currency exchange platform and insurance service

There is a limited amount of banking in the encrypted digital currency market in contrast to the traditional market. Although thousands of different banks operate in encryption markets, there are only a few banking projects, while their capabilities are very limited.

 Encrypted digital currency users have access to a very limited number of financial instruments. Another serious issue that arises during most trading and exchange is the lack of commitment on the part of counterparties. Currently, encrypted digital currencies are investment projects. Their use as a means of payment is very limited. Here comes the idea of ​​the Neluns project to upset the scales and introduce the new generation of financial economic theory

About the NELUNS project

NELUNS is working on a comprehensive approach, proposing new high-quality solutions and eliminating a range of targeted audience issues, thanks to the success of Neluns to support the government’s financial technology projects. Neluns is trying to create a portal that connects the encrypted digital currency market with the traditional financial market by creating an innovative economic system and opening access to encrypted digital currencies for a wide range of individuals

NELUNS Exchange is seeking to become the world’s leading encrypted digital currency exchange platform and to present itself as the foundation for a new and complex banking structure that does not suffer from the shortcomings of the existing system

 Neluns creates an innovative solution to eliminate the disadvantages of current encrypted digital currency exchanges. The Neluns team is developing the most easy-to-use economic system

 Characteristics of the NELUNS project

NELUNS is a financial economy system. The solution will integrate the bank, encrypted digital currency exchange services and insurance service. Initially, Neluns will combine classic banking and blockbuster-based banks. Users will have access to multiple currency accounts, where they can add any encrypted digital currency or symbols traded on the Neluns Exchange.

 Neluns Bank will connect to different payment systems. The bank will also offer loans, peer-to-peer loans, P2P, Escrow, etc. The insurance service will provide comprehensive and risk-free comprehensive insurance

The team issues an ERC20 NLS security code. 50% of the economic system’s profits should be distributed to code holders

Objectives of the NELUNS project

NELUNS aims to create a financial economic system, a business model that will directed towards eliminating all problems of active participants in the encryption market, as well as removing barriers to market entry

Details of NELUNS codes and initial currency offer ICO

The Neluns platform will release its NLS codes, which will enable users of the platform to take advantage of all services and features

For those interested in participating in the initial offer of the special ICO coin Neluns project, the following are the details of the currency and the sale

Currency symbol: NLS

Type of code: ERC20

Symbol price: $ 1 per NLS

Accepted payment methods: ETH

ICO start and end date: from 05 September 2018 to 05 October 2018


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